Seven Segment Quantity Count Supplier

Queue System
-Number of Digits: 2,3,4 digits
-Size of Digit : 2', 3',4'
-Color : Red
-Wireless Keypad
1)Call number
2)Next Number
3)Previous Number

Seven Segment Display

-No. of Digit: 4digit , 3rows-Auto count Function-Using IR Remote to edit
Temperature And Humidity Display
Showing Temperature and Humidity of the site (in Celsius or Fahrenheit)
Call Number Machine
Call Number Machine 

Suitable for :
  • Milk Tea Shop
  • Clinic
  • Restaurant

Number of digits : 3/4 digits
Color : Red
Wirelss Keypad
Adjustable Volume

Counter plus Auto Count Variance
  • Used with sensors (Increase one if sensor pass signal)
  • 'Variance' = 'Plan' - 'Actual' (AUTO COUNT)
  • Able to edit message at the bottom of display panel
*Custom made
DC Voltage Simulator Display
Custom-Made DC Voltage Simulator Display

-Process Voltage : DC 0-10V

*Custom made
  • Use together with sensor of button switch
  • Auto count 'Differance' & 'Efficiency'
Safety Hour Display
  • Auto count up 
  • Use Remote Control to reset

*Accept Custom made
Date Time Temperature Display
Outdoor Gas Price Display
  • High Quality Outdoor LED Seven Segment
  • Setting using wireless remote control.
  • Accept Custome Made